SHINee ALBUM Key - Gasoline The 2nd Album (VHS ver.)


Key - Gasoline The 2nd アルバム (VHS ver.)

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SM Entertainment
Release date
Aug 31st, 2022

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Key - Gasoline VHS

[Release date : Aug 31st, 2022]

[Information & Contents]
- VHS Package
- CD-R
- Photobook
- Folded Poster
- Postcard Set
- Collector Cards
- Photo Card
- Poster (Out of stock)

[Track List]

1. 가솔린 (Gasoline)
2. Bound
3. Villain (Feat. 제노 of NCT)
4. Burn
5. Guilty Pleasure
6. G.O.A.T (Greatest Of All Time)
7. I Can't Sleep
8. Ain't Gonna Dance
9. Another Life
10. Delight
11. Proud